Media & Events

One of the main aims of the Remembering Edward Bransfield committee is to heighten awareness of Edward Bransfield and his historic achievement. To this end we had been writing articles and papers for local, national and international publication, giving radio interviews on local and national radio and giving lectures at local, national and international level. If you are interested in having us write or speak on Edward Bransfield and his voyage of discovery please contact us.

“Edward Bransfield Commemorative” Tartan. Designed and made by Gael Mueller in California.

Remembering Edward Bransfield has inspired a retired Californian lawyer and weaver Gael Mueller to design and produce an Tartan dedicated to Edward Bransfield.   Her visit to the Antarctic in January 2018, where she discovered all about Edward Bransfield and our project, inspired her to embark on her first Tartan project.   A year later she…